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E-Volution Angular Paint Trimming Brush, 1-1/2'' and 2-1/2'' (2 Pieces)



1399$ EA.

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Product description

• Designed for wide range of uses
• The A. Richard E-VOLUTION series with our new Polyester formula is designed for professional use
• The unique blend of two bristle shapes make these paintbrushes one of the most versatile series on the market that perform in all applications
• For use with today’s fast-drying low VOC paints
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Fantastic coverage and cutting in ability will save time anywhere a firm brush is needed
• New firm formulation of purple polyester
• Perfect for fast drying paints
• Exceptional cut-in control
• Holds more paint and release uniformly the paint
• Save time and improve productivity
• Handles color: natural
• Widths: 1-1/2'' and 2-1/2'' (38 mm and 64 mm)
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